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Made in Trinidad
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Ai Naturals was originally intended for the local market of Trinidad & Tobago but we soon discovered that the overseas market was very appreciative as well. The availabilty of this high-quality soap within its homebase creates firm collaborations with local spas and wellness organizations. Some of the ingredients used in our products are indegenous to Trinidad, making them unique in its own way. 


All Vegan Ingredients 

Here at Ai Naturals we follow the code of only utilizing vegan materials in our processing. Its always refreshing to know that no animals were harmed in the production. We pay special attention to the source of our raw materials. 

Moisture  Rich  

Special attention is paid in the processing of our products to attain as much moisture as possible. We use moisture enriched, fruits, vegetables, powders, oils, butters, clays . 

Find Purpose 

We have a wide range of soaps that cater to a variety of needs. Our approach is to get as many therapeutic properties as we can into our bars. We do not have a base formulation, some may have as many as eight different carrier oils, four butters and a variety of essential oils.  Soothing and calming your skin due to its sensitivity may be your goal. Skin lightening, toning and tightening perhaps is another concern.  Some of our blends are formulated for skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, lota and acne just to mention a few. Our salt bars are great for ingrown hair

Aroma Therapy

* TIP: Great farewell gifts for guests you may have hosted, who enjoyed the smell.

The intense aroma of our soaps can double as a temporary pot pourri as our soaps tend to envelop its soothing and calming scents across the room it is placed in.

Organic Ingredients

We utilize the cold-process method of producing our soaps. The ingredients and essential oils used in the manufacture of our soaps are guaranteed to be organic in nature. Where possible wildcrafted ingredients are sourced.

Ai Naturals grows some of its raw materials where its picked and freshly added to our batches. 

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