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We are fortunate here in Trinidad to have lots of  beneficial plants, fruits & vegetables to add to the therapeutic value of our products.  

Watermelon, pumpkin, cucumber, tamarind, avocado, mango, noni, moringa, gotu kola and aloes just to name a few.

  Activated Charcoal

Lots of herbs and spices are used;

Activated Charcoal is used as a natural colourant and aid detoxification.

Basil, thyme, oregano, majoram and rosemary are a few that we use a lot, infusing them into different carrier oils. These everyday herbs are great antifungal, helps sinuses, muscle aches.


Coconut is used in a lot of different forms in our products. We use the oil, flakes, cream, milk and powder. Benefits of coconut are endless

It is antifungal and antibacterial, thus helping the skin to ward off minor infections; great natural sunblock. It also helps the skin retains its moisture.


Common flax also known as linseed is a food and fiber crop cultivated in cooler regions of the world. Flax seeds are available in two varieties —  brown and golden, both of which contain almost similar nutritional characteristics and fatty acids. It reduces and prevents wrinkles and fine lines, minimizes skin rashes, irritation, protects against damage caused by sun exposure and can prevent hair loss and breakage while promoting hair growth.

Ginger root is widely used as a spice and a folk medicine. Ginger contains around 40 antioxidant properties that prevent free radical damage and protect against aging. It also evens skin tone and improves elasticity. The antioxidants present in ginger increases collagen production, reduce skin damage, and inflammation. It can even prevent hair loss, nourish and stimulate growth and prevent dandruff.


Ginseng is the root of plants in the genus Panax. It has anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating and anti-aging properties and is believed to increase the dermal cells on the scalp which in turn, strengthens the follicles and roots of the hair. It is rich in vitamins and antioxidants which help to rejuvenate skin and improve elasticity. It also nourishes hair, prevents grey hair and improves scalp conditions.

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is a wonder-plant and is rich in amino acids, fatty acids, and beta carotene. Gotu Kola is one of the most popular Ayurvedic herbs. Benefits for the skin include preventing acne, toning and tightening and speeding wound healing. Benefits for the hair include strengthening of the hair, promoting growth and preventing hair loss.

Horsetail Grass

Known by other names such as Puzzlegrass, Bottlebrush, Shavegrass, Scouring Rush, Pewterwort and Paddock-pipes. This is a thin and sterile plant from the vascular plant family and is considered as a living fossil. The plant reproduces by spores instead of seeds like the usual plants. It's benefits for skin include treating acne, cleaning skin and tightening pores and improving the skin texture. It also promotes hair growth, reduces dandruff and split ends and works as a natural conditioner.


Kelps are large brown algae seaweeds that make up the order Laminariales. It's high in iodine and a great source of iron, sodium, phosphorus and calcium and has a variety of vitamins, including A, B1, B2, C, D and E. It's benefits on the skin include treating acne, brightening the skin and exfoliating. It's benefits for hair include promoting growth, preventing hair loss and it also contains a compound which is believed to thicken hair.


Ochro also known as lady fingers, gumbo is rich in vitC and full of antioxidants. It helps to maintain a younger looking skin by rejuvenating and repairing skin.


 Also known as papaya, this fruit has lots of amazing benefits for the skin. Filled with enzymes responsible for anti aging, skin tightening, skin lightening, skin repair and exfoliation.


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